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P264 Medial Amygdala, basal layer of subiculum.
P262 Interpeduncular nucleus, asymmetric expression in midbrain
P261 Inferior colliculus, lateral geniculate ventral. Broadly hypothalamus, midbrain, palladium
P254 Layer 2/3 in motor and somatosensory cortex
P253 Scattered expression in cortex. VPM and LGd.
P240 Dorsal caudate putamen, limbic cortex, basolateral amygdaloid nucleus, anterior part
P238 Piriform cortex, retrosplenial cortex layer 2 and medial entorhinal cortex layer 2
P237 Strong expression in Arcuate nucleus, lateral entrohinal cortex layer 5, and Purkinje cells.
P236 Widely in layer 2/3 in cortex
P234 Asymmetric, scattered expression in cortex
P232 Layer 2/3 in cortex and Parasubiculum
P226 similar to P185
P225 Layer 5 in moter cortex and lateral entorhinal cortex. Lateral caudate putamen and interpedancular nucleus
P222 Sparsely in Layer 6 in Cortex
P217 Entorhinal cortex and ventral retrosplenial cortex.
P216 Layer 5/6 in cortex
P213 Strong expression in Piriform and lateral entrorhinal cortex
P208 Layer 2/3 in many areas of cortex.
P203 Scattered expression in cortex and Purkinje cells
P202 Layer 6 in cortex. Piriform and entorhinal cortex
P200 Layer 4 and layer 6 in cortex. Scattered expression in Caudate putamen. Similar to PBAW.
P198 Scattered expression in cortex and caudate putamen
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Section 10, Red & Blue: DAPI, Green: anti-GFP